The Best Beaches in Florida

Florida is a great place to go to spend some time on the beach. Perhaps swim a little bit, have a cold drink and catch a tan. The biggest problem with the beaches in Florida is choosing which one to visit. There are so many to choose from. After all, Florida is a huge peninsula and almost surrounded by water, there are so many different beaches to choose from. Some beaches are better than others, however, so it is good to have a plan. To get started here is a list of the five best beaches in Florida in no specific order.

Miami Beach
Miami Beach is one of the places that anyone visiting South Florida should make a point to stop by. It is not the calmest most relaxing beach to visit and it is not the place to go to find wildlife in its natural environment. There is only one reason to go to Miami Beach and that is to party. There are very few places in America that can match the hot bodies during the day and wild nightlife that are found in Miami. This is the beach to visit to be able to cut loose and have some fun.

Daytona Beach
This beach is the next best party beach in Florida. While it does not have quite the nightlife scene that Miami does. It is an excellent daytime party spot. This beach is known for some of the best spring break parties on the East Coast and draws in a huge crowd of young people year-round. It is one of the best beaches to vacation on during the inactive season. A vacationer can score some of the best deals between the months of march and may. That is the time of year that it is perfect beach weather, not too hot but plenty warm enough to enjoy the twenty-three miles of sand beach.

Key West
This is the southernmost point in Florida. Key West is an island and technically has more than a single beach but the atmosphere of the entire place links the entire island together in a unified spirit. This is the place to come for fun festivals and cool local bars it is pretty much party central. The island is so popular, in fact, that the beaches themselves are generally overcrowded. A major attraction on the island that tourists can visit is Earnest Hemingway's old house.

Cayo Costa State Park
A giant party is not what everyone considers a great day on the beach. Some people want to enjoy the serenity of nature instead. The beach at Cayo Costa is nine miles of pure serene bliss. No parties and no tourist attractions make it the perfect place to unwind and escape the chaos of society. While sometimes having people around and partying it u are great, there are times when a person just wants to escape the fast paced chaos and just enjoy nature. This is one of the beaches that Florida has to offer that serve just that purpose.

Lovers Key State Park
The very name of this beach explains the ambiance of the destination. There was a time that this beach was so remote that the only people who took their time to hideout there were couples who were looking for as much privacy as they could get. To this day it is still a private, reserved space that not man people know about. This is another one of those destinations for people who prefer peace and quiet over a party. It is a great stop for people who love both as well.

Top 3 Best Dominican Cigar Brands Facts & Info

There are a multitude of cigars that are good, great, excellent, and the best. There are Dominican cigars, Cuban cigars, Italian cigars, American cigars, etc. Here we will be focusing on the top 3 best Dominican cigars. The Psyko Seven Gordo, the Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande, and the Zino Platinum Z- Class 550 R are the one's we're talking about here. These 3 cigars are of high quality tobacco and of course, wrapped in a leaf that compliments each flavor. Each cigar has its own style, its own preferred use, and its own price. These 3 have been identified several times for their best cigar.

The first fantastic brand is the Psyko Seven Gordo. This cigar is part of the Psyko Seven franchise of tobacco. the Gordo is well- known for its prescription like label with information on the cigar itself. The label has an actual Rx symbol on it with varying information on the individual cigar. Each Gordo is made from tobacco grown and produced in multiple countries and the binder comes Mexican Sumatra. The Gordo cigar of the Psyko Seven brand is 6 inches by 60 centimeters. The makers also say that it has transitional flavorings throughout the smoke and it smokes for hours.

The Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande. This particular brand was started in 1930 and the 1930 Corona Grande is a recipe created from the beginning. With its aged tobacco, the Nat Sherman has been in the top 25 Cigar Afficionado several times. The aged tobacco and binder comes from Nicagarua and the Dominican Republic. The brand says it has a rich flavor and aroma. It has a size of 46 centimeters and 6 inches as the Grande version. These are hand- made that brag of over 80 years of sales. It has a price over over $200 for a pack of 24.

The last fantastic brand to be talked about is the Zino Platinum Z- Class 550 R another brand that has been in the Afficionado multiple times. It is a newer brand that has tobacco from Nicaragua and Hondura. It has a spicy, oaky flavor and the 550R is also named the Robusto version. Its size is 4.9 inches by 50 centimeters and is priced at around $200 for a box of 20. It burns slowly and has a Peruvian binder. The wrapper is Dominican, of course. It is said to be super smooth.

The three cigars listed are of the best value and should be enjoyed thoroughly. There have been many reviews of each and each client identified satisfaction. Each cigar is manufactured in the Dominican Republic, though this country utilizes the environments of others, the recipes are unique. These are not just good, these are jot just great or excellent, these are the identified best cigars of this country, as well as being compared to others. They are well worth the money and have tastes like no other brand, these are the top 3 best Dominican cigar brands of 2016.

4 Great Cuban Restaurants In Miami

Miami is home to many Cuban restaurants. If you want to enjoy authentic Cuban food, then Miami is where you want to go. Now that you know Miami is home to the best Cuban food around, you should know what some of the best restaurants are. Below are a few of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami.

One of the most popular Cuban restaurants in Miami is Versailles. The restaurant dubs itself as the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world and they have been around for more than 35 years. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it has an extensive menu. If you want to dine at a place that serves generous portions of classic Cuban food at an affordable price, as well as a restaurant that offers you a classy dining experience, then you'll want to eat at Versailles.

Puerto Sagua
Another good restaurant that serves Cuban cuisine is Puerto Saqua. You can order various sandwiches, soups and appetizers at the restaurant. Some of the best sandwiches you can order here include the medianoche and the cubano, which contains Swiss cheese, ham, roast pork and pickles and mustard on Cuban-style baguette. The restaurant has many favorable reviews from locals and tourists alike, which means the chances are you will love eating there.

La Rosa Restaurant
This is one of the more expensive Cuban restaurants, but that's only because it is an upscale restaurant that serves delicious food and provides people with an elegant dining experience. It is a white-tablecloth destination, which offers colorful surroundings and live piano music. Corn Tamale Wrapped in its Husk, Tablado a la Cubana and Extra de masitas de puerco (pork chunks) are some of the items on the appetizer menu. Other items you can find on the menu include Cuban delights such as fried pork chunks, filet mignon and liver with pepper and onions to name a few. If you want to enjoy upscale Cuban dining at its finest, then make sure you head to La Rosa restaurant.

Havana 1957
This is a unique Cuban restaurant that combines traditional cuisine from Cuba and the sophistication Havana was known for back in the 50s. This means you can expect a unique dining experience that allows you to relive the old days of Cuba during the 50s. You can order all types of Cuban food here and at a reasonable price, and you'll enjoy the overall atmosphere of the place. Not only that, but the service you'll receive is second to none. Let's not forget to mention that you can make reservations by calling them or by going online to their website. Making a reservation is a smart idea because many people love this place and it can be busy at times.

Versailles, Puerto Sagua, La Rosa Restaurant and Havana 1957 are four of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami. They all have many rave reviews and people from all around the state flock to them. If you enjoy Cuban food, then stop by one of those restaurants.

Best Features of Miami

Whether visiting or considering settling in sunny Florida, Miami has plenty to offer. Of course, sunny weather and beaches are plentiful. But, there are other considerations.

Miami is sunny most of the time. Though there are only about 75 clear days, the rains come and go quickly. A typical rain lasts about 20-30 minutes, during the hottest part of the day. Then, the sun comes back out. Often the rain occurs about the same time every day. It's easier to plan around rain when you know what to expect. The heat and sun dry everything up quickly. There is no need to worry about keeping everything covered. Many people look forward to the daily rains, to cool off.

Beaches are plentiful in Miami. South Beach is the most well known. However, if party hot spots are not your thing, there are family friendly beaches in Bal Harbor and Hobie beach are suitable for a variety of activities, including surfing. Many beaches are located near outdoor cafes and restaurants. There is no need to pack a cooler, if you don't want to bring more than a few drinks to stay hydrated.

Culture is varied. Miami is home to many cultures. This means a person wanting to experience a multicultural environment will be delighted with the sights, sounds, and smells of the city. Nearly any type of cuisine is available. Latin cafes tend to be inexpensive, while offering tasty new foods.

Culture abounds everywhere, to suit every taste. Theater, film festivals, book fairs, art festivals, and plenty of museums are available for the young and old to enjoy. While the city appeared to lack culture in the previous decade, things are changing. Plenty of money is being invested in the arts, as well as in convention centers and places to stay for tourists.

Miami is not as crowded as other cities of comparable size, like New York, LA, or San Francisco. It is far warmer than Chicago. It's home to at least two professional sports teams. For those who want a slower pace, Miami offers activities for those who enjoy the outdoors and for those considering retirement.